Top 50 Hair Blogs and Articles

Getting gorgeous hair is the goal for many people. Washing, conditioning and styling can wreak havoc on your locks, so it’s important to use the right products for your hair’s texture and treat it right in order to get it in its most healthy state. These hair blogs and articles will guide you through accessing your hair’s damage, finding the right products to bring it back to life and get the trendy hairstyles seen on celebrities and supermodels.

Top Hair Blogs

Learn what will whip your hair into shape, see you through a dry winter and keep your color lasting.

    1. Hair Style Talk This blog has everything you want to know about hair, including tips on how to prolong your highlights and color and how to care for African American hair.

    2. Fashionising It’s all of the latest celebrity hairstyles and how to get the looks you see supermodels rocking on the runway without the fuss of going to the salon.

    3. Babes in Hairland If your little girl feel she’s stuck in a hair rut (courtesy of mom’s ponytails), look to this hair blog for countless fresh hairstyle ideas for little girls.

    4. Girly Do Hairstyles Learn interesting hairstyles that are easy to pull off without tons of accessories or products. This site is aimed at moms who need new hairstyles for their daughters.

    5. Princess Hairstyles If you need new ideas for how to style your daughters hair, this is your blog. There are also plenty of options for pageant darlings or those who have a special occasion and want something unique.

    6. The Wright Hair This mom shares her tips and ideas for styling your little ones’ hair without putting her through pain. One daughter has thin, flat hair, making this a great blog for those who struggle with a similar texture.

    7. Cute Girl Hairstyles Whether your daughter loves pigtails, ponytails or super simple ‘dos, this site has awesome ideas for those stuck in a hair rut.

    8. Chic Clips Hair This mom doesn’t claim to be a professional, but she’s devoted to making her kids hair stand out in the crowd. This site is a must-read for moms who want to learn to work with various textures of hair (after all, one kid can have super curly locks while the other has stick straight hair).

    9. Curly Hairdo Ideas This site is all about embracing your child’s natural curls instead of trying to fight them with products and hot tools, which is damaging for the hair follicle.

    10. Tweens Teens and Moms Hairstyles The whole family can grab hair ideas from this site that incorporates tips for teaching kids how to style their own hair once they’re around 8 or 9 years old.

    11. Glossy Family This entire family gets in on the hair action with reviews and hairstyles that almost anyone can do. The products featured are often all-natural and organic, so you know what’s going on your family’s heads.

    12. How To Hairdos Dads who have to do their daughters’ hair will appreciate this hair blog because it has simple, but cute styles that are easy to create in a couple of minutes.

    13. Hair Style Blog This site no longer updates, but it has great info over managing straight hair, curly hair and what to do when your hair is so damaged it seems beyond repair.

    14. Latest Hairstyles If you’re at a loss for what to do with your hair next, this site has plenty of ideas, from the latest ‘dos that celebrities are wearing to classic styles suitable for the mature woman.

    15. Balding Blog If you have questions on balding or thinning hair, this is the site that will show you the actions you can take now to prevent further hair loss.

Top African American Hair Blogs

Whether you wear your hair natural or regularly relax your hair, these top hair blogs show African American women how to manage their hair with ease.

    16. Happy Girl Hair Learn how to manage African American hair with natural products that won’t weigh it down and allow you to embrace its natural texture. It has real stories from moms telling how they work with their daughters hair to avoid harsh relaxers.

    17. Beads Braids Beyond This site focuses on curly and wavy hair with emphasis on working with African American hair. It is a godsend for those who need real product reviews that will make taming waves and tight curls easier.

    18. Natural Hair Beauty This site has plenty of inspiration and tips for those hoping to go natural with their hair. It isn’t impossible to manage, but the transition can be difficult for those attached to relaxers.

    19. Keep Me Curly Stop fighting with your daughters’ hair and learn how to keep it neat so she can play the day away. This is a great site for those who have their first baby and want to learn the tricks of the trade.

    20. Black Girl with Long Hair This is the ultimate natural hair blog for African American women. It shows you how to make the healthy transition to natural hair, while still moisturizing and conditioning your hair so it grows back in the best possible shape.

    21. Honeysmoke This mommy blogger shows you how to treat your little girl’s hair so she learns to love it and also reviews the must-have products for making the job easier.

    22. Le Coil Get inspiration for your natural hair with this Tumblr that’s full of amazing images that will make you put down the harsh chemicals and work with what nature gave you.

    23. Afrobella Get tons of tips for working with your natural hair at this African American beauty blog. It’s a must-read for those looking for products that will enhance curly hair’s natural texture versus weighing it down.

    24. Hair Milk Read blog posts from real women who are going the distance to grow out their natural hair and get product recommendations for affordable items you can grab at your local drugstore.

    25. Grow Black Hair Get product reviews, learn how to care for your scalp, how to deal with knots and more at this fabulous African American hair blog.

    26. About Black Hair This About site shows you the ins-and-outs of styling black hair, whether you’re all natural or use a relaxer and loads of products.

    27. The Coarse Hair Diary This site doesn’t update as often as it used to, but it has profiles of real women who’ve chosen to go natural with their hair and offers their hair story of how the transition went.

    28. Long Hair Don’t Care No matter what your hair’s texture is, you can have long locks that shine like there’s no tomorrow. This site shows you how to get there and style your hair so you aren’t tempted to chop it off.

    29. Black Hair Care Blog This blog shows you how to care for African American hair, ensuring the scalp doesn’t get too oily but the ends stay moisturized enough.

Top Blog Posts and Articles on Dying Your Hair at Home

Going blond? Looking to cover up grays? Look no further than these articles which walk you through getting that stellar from-the-salon look right in your own bathroom.

    30. Oprah – At Home Haircoloring Tips Learn how to choose the right shade that won’t wash you out or look too stark.

    31. Makeup Files – Home Hair Dying 101 Check out this step-by-step tutorial to making your hair look fabulous with the help of a box of dye from the grocery store.

    32. Beauty Tips – Dye Your Hair at Home Here are at-home haircoloring tips from a gal who dyes her hair dark and another who goes blond without the help of a professional.

    33. Haircuts Hairstyles – How to Dye Your Hair at Home Learn the buzz words to look for to ensure your color comes out close to the swatch shown on the top of the dye’s box.

    34. Beyond Jane – How to Lighten Your Hair Using Hydrogen Peroxide Everyone knows hydrogen peroxide lifts color, but do you know how to wield the chemical so your hair comes out looking presentable? Learn how with this article.

    35. Lovelyish – Tips for Dying Your Hair at Home Choosing the right hue and having the right tools will making dying your hair at home an easy process that will save you major money in the long run. Learn how to do it right.

    36. Instructables – Dye Your Hair a Strange Color You might want to pull a Rihanna or Katy Perry and go for a completely wild hair color. This tutorial shows you how to get intense color that makes a statement without staining your bathroom floor.

    37. Blonde Ambition From going blond at home to keeping the color ultra vibrant without any brassiness, this site has plenty of content over blond hair.

    38. Pregnancy Hair Color and Your Pregnancy If you regularly color your hair, but need new options now that you’re pregnant, this article is the go-to for learning everything you need to know about how to treat your hair when with child.

    39. Style Tips 101 – Dying Your Hair This site has tips for dying your hair on your own and also talks about limiting how often you use dye to three to four times a year to avoid damage.

Special Occasion Hairstyle Blogs, Blog Posts and Articles

If you have prom, a wedding or other special occasion on your social calendar, look to these blog posts and articles for getting ultra glam hair that fits the shindig.

    40. Wedding Hair Updos This site has special occasion hairstyles for every length and texture of hair. It’s a great resource for those who have very short hair or are unsure of how to style difficult to manage hair for a special party.

    41. Prom Hairstyles Learn how to make your hairstyle fall in line with the neckline of your dress and any earrings or a necklace you might be wearing.

    42. Updo Princess Whether you want something soft and romantic or super chic, this site has plenty of special occasion hairstyles to choose from.

    43. Total Hair Learn how to work with your hair’s natural texture when creating the ultimate special occasion hairstyle. There’s also a celeb photo gallery to get inspiration from red carpet looks.

    44. Sally Beauty – Special Occasions The blog of this beauty superstore give you ideas for special occasion hairdos that will work on women young and old and gives suggestions for products that will help you achieve the look.

    45. Real Beauty – Holiday Hairstyles for Your Twenties The younger you are, the more you can get away with when it comes to experimenting with your hair for a formal event. Learn how to get the looks starlets are wearing and make the appropriate for real life.

    46. Become Gorgeous – Special Occasion Hairstyles If you’re going classic or ultra trendy with your special occasion hairstyle, this site has options that will make want to try out many styles for your big events.

    47. Short Hair Style – Wedding Hair Styles This site is great because it focuses on short hairstyles, which can be especially tough to style for a special event. Learn what products to use and how to make your ‘do stand out without looking overdone.

    48. Just Hairstyles If a big event is right around the corner and you aren’t sure how you want to wear your hair, check out this site for plenty of images that will inspire you.

    49. Elegant Hairstyles This blog is all about the most chic and polished updos that will work with ultra fancy makeup and a gorgeous gown.

    50. Hair Finder – Special Occasion Learn how to communicate with a hair stylist for getting that perfect prom ‘do and how to create cool styles on your own that are fit for the most upscale occasion.

Caring for your hair doesn’t have to be a chore once you have the right products and know what to do with them. Remember to regularly condition hair and use a heat protector if you’re a fan of the blow dryer or flat iron. Small steps like these will improve your hair’s overall condition and ensure you’re showing off those luscious locks for years to come.