Top 50 Blogs for Anthropologists

Anthropology, or the study of humanity, has been around for a long time dating back to the days of philosopher Immanuel Kant. It is also defined as the study of humankind and our origins throughout different places and times. Anthropology is an interdisciplinary science that can focus in detail on cultural, biological, linguistic, and archaeological research.

If the above sounds confusing, you are not alone. To help, we have collected the top 50 blogs for anthropologists. Written by students, advocates, and actual anthropologists, they are full of updates, the latest in research, expert opinions, and even the occasional rant. A good read for anyone from experts to those looking to learn a little more about the field.

Top News Blogs for Anthropologists

Get the latest headlines in anthropology and related fields with a visit to these blogs.

  1. Science Daily The latest up to the minute headlines are constantly updated on this popular site. They can also be sorted into just the anthropology and in sub categories like cultures, early human, and many others.
  2. Archaeology and Anthropology Stop here for the anthropology headlines from “The New York Times.” Be sure not to miss the multimedia entries with informative slideshows and videos.
  3. Yahoo! If the above are too fancy for you, there is always the news feed at Just the headlines, links, and a little about the story are featured.
  4. CNN This leading news network also keeps up to date on their web page. You can check out the latest anthropology topics, as well as recommended features by their experts.
  5. American Journal of Physical Anthropology Read the latest on the topic from these scientific experts. You can read or download many articles, or learn more about the journal itself.
  6. American Anthropological Association Not to be confused with the car AAA, they keep up to date with the latest findings and happenings in the anthropology industry. Along with the blog, you can check out the main site with a newsfeed, podcasts, and more.
  7. Anthropology in Practice The goal of the AIP is to keep the public better informed with the world of anthropology. Choose from mentions and popular articles such as the video on anthropology in five minutes.
  8. Anthropology Works This blog is part of the project at the Culture in Global Affairs program at George Washington University. It often highlights its latest findings, as well as other happenings in the field.

Top Evolution Blogs for Anthropologists

Because evolution is also an important part of anthropology, check out these blogs.

  1. Scientific American This leading scientific publication allows visitors to choose several different topics including archaeology, dinosaurs, evolutionary biology, and linguistics. In addition to the latest features, you can also get many related podcasts and videos. The podcasts are also a popular choice here.
  2. New Scientist Click here to get an introduction to evolution, as well as many related articles. Another leading publication, you can also get thousands of other related topics.
  3. Pharyngula PZ Myers is a biologist and associate professor at the University of Minnesota, Morris. His blog is about “evolution, development, and random biological ejaculations from a godless liberal.”

  4. The Loom This blog is part of the larger network at Discover Blogs. The author recently had an article pulled and blogs all about it. There are also many other science blogs on the site.
  5. Reconciliation Ecology Madhusudan Katti is an assistant professor of vertebrate ecology in Fresno, California. His specialty is reconciling ecology with modern theory. Top posts on the blog include fossil fuels and Woo vs. Science.
  6. Laelaps Brian Switek recently made the leap from Science Blogs to Wired. His specialty is paleontology and he writes more about it on the blog. A recent entry was on Qesem cave fossils.
  7. The Tree of Life Jonathan A. Eisen is an evolutionary biologist at the University of California, Davis. He often gives his opinion on items in the news. You can also view more on his Labs Page.

Top Blogs for Anthropologists by a Group

Two or more bloggers take on the topic of anthropology.

  1. Editor Kambiz Kamrani and others discuss research, resources, and knowledge in the area. Top posts include cross cultural burial rituals and the language tree. A popular choice, one of the most recent posts was on how to share anthropology.
  2. Savage Minds Visit here for a group blog with notes and queries in anthropology. Category highlights include anthropology at war, how to, reviews, and more.
  3. Zero Anthropology This is a project of decolonization, growing out of a discipline with a long history and a deep epistemological connection to colonialism. A quote from Keats relating to their studies greet all who visit. Learn more about it with a read of the blog, or check out their YouTube channel with even more.
  4. Another Anthro Blog The AA blog is actually part of the above blog’s project. You can check out their thesis, research proposal, or just read the latest entry. Tips on staying focused in anthropology were recently shared.
  5. Museum Anthropology Stop here for the blog from “The Journal of the Council for Museum Anthropology.” Labels are on every region and topic on anthropology including news, reviews, exhibition information, and more.
  6. Material World Haidy Geismar and other anthropology students and experts from New York to London collaborate on this blog. It is intended as an online hub for contemporary debates, discussion, thinking, and research centered on material and visual culture.
  7. Somatosphere Visit here for science, medicine, and anthropology. Entries often examine anthropological news and findings for their readers. The index is full of topics from addiction to Zizek.
  8. Culture Matters This is the group blog of current and former students and staff of the Department of Anthropology at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. They are particularly interested in how the methods and insights of anthropology are applied. Also a good choice for international anthropology.
  9. International Cognition and Culture Institute The ICCI strives to promote interdisciplinary collaborations between cognition and culture. The blog often includes the latest in findings and thoughts on the subjects. Anthropological thought process are often focused on.

Top Blogs for Anthropologists by an Individual

These individuals focus on anthropology and share more via blog.

  1. Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog How do you utilize online calculators for anthropology? This blogger shows you how with a racial analysis, anthropometric, and other calculators. You can also find regularly updated articles.
  2. Lorenz writes about his favorite subject in many languages, including English. Categories range from applied anthropology to university and everything in between. Racism in anthropology? That was the subject of a recent entry.
  3. A Hot Cup of Joe Stop here for archaeology, anthropology, science, and skepticism. He is a graduate from the University of Texas’s anthropology program and is now a graduate student. He also has a special fascination with pseudoarchaeology and so-called “alternative” archaeology and what it is that drives people to believe in this and other pseudoscientific notions.
  4. Long Road Kimberly Christen is an Assistant Professor at Washington State University. She uses this blog to keep writing, maintain extended conversations, and keep updated on events surrounding anthropology issues. Indigenous topics are primarily discussed.
  5. Dnapes Pop science and culture combine on this anthropology blog. A recent entry was on stem cell transplants in dogs. True to form, pop culture also comes up frequently in the blog.

  6. Anthropological Notebook Lye Tuck-Po features loads of impressive images to go along with the blog. Penang was the subject of the latest round of entries and can be seen an impressive light. Thoughts also accompany pictures.
  7. Glossographia Stephen Chrisomalis is an anthropologist and assistant professor at Wayne State University. His blog focuses on anthropology, linguistics, and pre-history. He also links to related projects.
  8. Media/Anthropology John Postill is an anthropologist specializing in the study of media and a lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University. Anthropology in the media and academia are often the topics of posts. Opinions on both are also shared.
  9. Anthropologist in the Attic Get a blog by a socio-cultural anthropologist in areas and topics that appeal to her in this blog. The latest posts are on ancient tablets, China, and the Socotra Island.
  10. Context and Variation Kathryn Clancy is an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Illinois. Her blog focuses on human behavior, evolutionary medicine, and “lady business.” You don’t have to be a woman to read, but it doesn’t hurt.

Top Archaeology Blogs for Anthropologists

Go back in time to study anthropology as these archaeologists and blogs do.

  1. Aaardvarchaeology Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, and skeptic. Part of Science Blogs, posts are on everything from the latest in science to what is on his mind. There are also many other related blogs to choose from.
  2. A Very Remote Period Indeed Julien is an archaeologist from Denver. Check out his blog for a blog reviewing recent archaeological publications having to do with Paleolithic archaeology, paleoanthropology, lithic technology, hunter-gatherers, and archaeological theory.

  3. Bone GirlKristina Killgrove reports on her research, others’ research, and a variety of things she finds interesting. She is also a physical anthropologist, archaeologist, and classicist.
  4. Digging Digitally This blog is part of the SAA Digital Data Interest Group. Archaeology, data sharing, digitally enabled research, and education are the focus here. Be sure not to miss their lectures available as downloaded podcasts.
  5. Archaelogy Kris Hirst is your expert guide to archaeology for Must reads include great research paper topics and a guide to Mesopotamia. There are also many useful videos on the topic available to watch.
  6. Archaeology Online Stop here for archaeological web sites, an archaeology search engine, excavations, field schools, books, reviews, and where to find archaeology on the web. Anita does SEO and started the first social network for archaeologists.
  7. Archaeology News This is the official blog of “Archaeology” magazine. You can check out the latest archaeological headlines and thoughts from the writers and editors. A subscription is not needed to take advantage of many online entries.
  8. Archaeo Seek Need to know more about archaeology and anthropology? Then stop here to get a social network just for you. Visitors can also check out the forums without signing up.

Top Specialty Blogs for Anthropologists

These anthropology blogs fit into their own category.

  1. Visual Anthropology of Japan The author of this blog has students write entries every week for a visual anthropology blog. Photos, captions, and random items are often featured. Although regularly featured, Japan is not the only country discussed.
  2. Ethnography This is the study of ethnicity. Learn more about this form of anthropology with a stop here. They also have an Ordinary People Project you can get more information on.
  3. Photoethnography If the above is too complex for you, check out this blog with more pictures. Videos, international fare, and opinions are also shared.
  4. Neuroanthropology The encultured brain and body are discussed here. The author also includes a combination of anthropology, philosophy, social theory, and the brain sciences. A good choice for a history and science of thinking.
  5. An Anthropologist Goes Techno Cultural anthropology, new media, and technology combine in this blog. Jukka Jouhki is a professor at the University of Jyväskylä and has loads more to say. Also a good choice for those who enjoy technology.
  6. Cyber Anthropology What do anthropology and video games have in common? Check out this blog by a grad student that focuses on the study of cyber anthropology, social networking, online communities, and more.
  7. Food Anthropology See how food, nutrition, and anthropology intersect on this blog. It is authored by the members of the Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition. World food issues are also discussed.
  8. Missives from a Misanthropologist Is all this love of people getting you down? Then check out this blog from Kyle West who is very annoyed by people and uses this blog to vent all about it. More of a ranting blog than anthropology, it is good for a laugh.

Whether writing a research paper or looking for anthropology related topics for your next cocktail party, there are loads of ideas to discover and learn in the above top 50 blogs for anthropologists. If you need help learning a term or are confused on a word in the subject, check out the Anthropology Glossary. Provided by the experts at The University of Alabama, you can simply type in the term to get definition. There are over 2,500 unique terms available for the searching.