Top 49 Ski Resort Blogs

If you are looking to get away this dreary winter, hitting the slopes might be the perfect solution to your winter blues! Finding the perfect ski resort can be tough, and for this, you must do your research. There are many mountains, both near and far, that make each resort is unique in it’s own way. After searching hundreds of blogs in order to find the best, we have narrowed it down to the top 49 Ski Resort and Lodge Blogs. Broken down into subcategories, we have: Resort Blogs, Year Round Resorts, Around Town Blogs, Imagery Blogs, Mountain/Regional Blogs, Review Blogs, and Bonus Blogs. Take a look at these blogs, and your bags will be packed with ski goodies before you’re done reading!

Resorts: These top-notch resort blogs will have you booking your lodging in no time. Well manicured and extremely informative, these blogs are very helpful.

  1. Powderhorn The Powderhorn Resort is in Mesa, Colorado and features some of the softest snow out there. This informative blog is up to date on all things Powderhorn related. Whether it’s the weather or the latest late-night parties in town, this blog will keep you in the know!
  2. Whitewater Ski Resort Blog The Whitewater Ski Resort Blog is an extremely well written blog that is up to date with daily ski conditions. “Ski the Powder Highway” seems to say it all, as this blog provides every reader with the nitty gritty details of what you need to know in order to ski here!
  3. Big Sky Ski Resort Big Sky Ski Resort is one of Montana’s top ski resorts and is known as “The Biggest Skiing in America.” Posts are submitted from various bloggers, and cutesy photos are always attached. This part of America seems like a great place to visit!
  4. Donner Ski Ranch Donner Ski Ranch hails from Lake Tahoe, and has created an open forum for guests to write about their experiences. A great piece of information for those searching for a new ski spot, hearing from previous guests. Described as a relaxed ski atmosphere, sit back and enjoy the blog!
  5. Silver Mountain Resort Silver Mountain Resort is a resort in Idaho that has everything from skiing amenities to an indoor waterpark! John Williams, Blogger of the resort’s site does a great job advertising all the wonderful options at Silver Mountain. What are you waiting for- get over there!
  6. Ski Homewood Ski Homewood is the blog for Homewood, located in Tahoe City. While skiing plays a big part at Homewood, this blog has all the info you need- from planning a wedding to attending the Snow Rangers Academy, Ski Homewood has got it all. Check out the photo gallery to visualize yourself there!
  7. Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort has a great blog that is constantly promoting fun events and specials at this Oregon ski resort. As January was “Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month,” this blog does a phenomenal job of attracting new visitors to the site, while keeping the seasoned ski-vets as well! Have fun!
  8. Elk Springs Resort Blog The Elk Springs Resort Blog in Gatlinburg, TN maintains a unique blog for all of the cabins, lodging, and places to stay while you’re there. With pictures for each place you can rent, you’re bound to be signing up to visit this quaint town.
  9. Ski Lodge Engelberg Ski Lodge Engelberg is a Swiss ski resort located in the monastery village of Engelberg. A quaint, magical town setting, this resort is worth visiting just for the scenery (not to mention the skiing!).
  10. Galena Lodge CMH (Canadian Mountain Holidays) post on Heli-Skiing, Galena Lodge has a terrific site on skiing and the ski culture Galena provides. As on of the first lodges in the area, this place is worth a visit for all of its new and state of the art offerings. The beautiful photo gallery is worth a visit!

Year Round: These two blogs do a great job of keeping you in the loop year-round. Check them out for all four seasons!

  1. Snowstar The Snowstar Ski resort is fresh out of Andalusia, IL and keeps all skiers and guest up to date on the mountain’s latest happenings. This blog will keep you updated with sun and ski activities year round.
  2. Roundtop Roundtop comes from the Pennsylvania slopes and chronicles everything from the beginners to the hardcores hitting the powder. Roundtop Mountain Resort is open year round and is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year. Tune in to this blog for the latest deals at Ski Roundtop, they’re worth it!

Around Town: Want to know what’s going on outside of the slopes? Check out these blogs for the hot après spots.

  1. Sundance Resort Blog The Sundance Resort Blog is a great site that provides all the up to date information going on t Sundance. While many associate this great place with the film festival, the other 50 weeks of the year are just as fun! Check out this site for specialized posts such as a ladies clinics and nightly specials at the Sundance Owl Bar.
  2. Heavenly Mountain Resort Blog The Heavenly Mountain Resort Blog is based out of Lake Tahoe and gives an almost daily report of mountain conditions. This blog maintains the California laid back attitude while providing all the information anyone could ask for. Check out the “around the town” section to see where the hot spots are in Tahoe.
  3. La Tania La Tania is located in France, but blogged from the UK, and has a well-updated blog with videos and all. Inviting guests to post their experiences in La Tania, this site is worth checking out to get a skier’s perspective.
  4. Grand Targhee Ski Resort The Grand Targhee Ski Resort has a fabulous blog entitled “Freshghee.” As one of Wyoming’s top ski spots, the Grand Targhee blog provides readers with everything from events in town to music festivals to weekly competitions. Check it out for some fun!

Images: These blogs’ beautiful images will have you booking your flights to the mountains. A standout performance with photography here.

  1. SkiUtah SkiUtah is a well-read blog with a devout following from skiers all over the world. Proclaimed the “Greatest Snow on Earth,” this blog will have any skier packing his/her bags immediately and quickly finding the fastest route to Utah. Superb graphics and imagery makes this blog a winner. Also, the sales on this site are not to be missed!
  2. Ski Solitude The blog for the Solitude Ski Resort, Ski Solitude, will already have you relaxing after just looking at the screen. With a flickr photo stream to die for, this Utah resort’s blog seems like a great place to visit, whether you’re riding solo or if you have a big group.
  3. Telluride Ski Resort’s Blog Telluride Ski Resort’s Blog is written by Dave Riley, CEO of Telluride Ski and Golf. This great blog gives a resort pro’s opinion (he’s worked at countless resorts) on the ins and outs of making a resort great for all visitors. Beautiful pictures on this blog will have you booking your ski trip ASAP!
  4. Ski Holidays with snoman Ski Holidays with SnoMan has a special feature on ski resorts and Les Deux Alpes – The Upside Down Ski Resort. Unlike most ski slopes, this area has beginners at the top taking the lift down, rather than learning at the foot of the mountain. An interesting article, and pictures are sure to provide any reader with envy!
  5. Telluride Another Review of Telluride, this time coming from Travelblog is a great site that reviews places all over the world. The best parts of this post are the breathtaking photos posted from the guest blogger. If you are on the fence about visiting Telluride, you’re sure to fall in love just by the pics!
  6. Park City Mountain Resort Blog The Park City Mountain Resort Blog is a well-manicured blog with many day-to-day updates to keep all visitors in the loop. This site gives prompt snow reports and 5 revolving bloggers to give all sorts of POVs. Great imagery on this site keeps the skiers coming back for more virtual fun.

Mountain: These blogs are not necessarily tied to a certain resort, but promoting the ski mountain and region. Many parts of these blogs give recommendations about area lodging.

  1. Wildcat Mountain Wildcat Mountain, Pure Vertical Fun promotes fun on the slopes. This informative blog tells you everything you need to know about what’s going on at Wildcat. With live video updates of snow and skiing footage, these New Hampshire mountain pros will guide you.
  2. Key to the Rockies Key to the Rockies is a great site for easy and accessible places throughout Keystone. Colorado offers some of, if not the best, ski locations in the country, Keystone being a major spot for seasoned skiers. Regardless of which Rocky Mountain hot spot you hit- this site makes it easy on anyone to get reviews and more importantly, make reservations!
  3. Ski Marble Ski Marble is a simply great blog coming to you from Newfoundland, Canada. This ski area is known for its challenging terrain, abundance of snow and short lift lines. Having the highest vertical drop in the Atlantic Canadian region, you’re in for a treat when visiting this blog. Enjoy!
  4. Visit Breck Visit Breck is a Breckenridge-dedicated blog that shines with its generous forum for locals and visitors alike. Providing the latest ski and social news, you’re never going to have a dull moment in Breck. Great recommendations from Breck lovers worth trying!
  5. Whitefish Ski Area Whitefish Ski Area is located in Northwest Montana and was a local ski area turned visitor friendly. With breathtaking views and beautiful terrains, this spot is worth a visit if you’re in the area!
  6. The Beaver Creek Blog The Beaver Creek Blog is an avidly updated blog with insightful posts about Beaver Creek’s latest conditions and ski options. This site provides all the in-town options for activities, as well as snowfall for many of the area peaks.
  7. Steamboat Ski Bums Steamboat Ski Bums is a great blog written by none other than Steamboat’s greatest ski bums. Blogging on behalf of ResortQuest, these outdoorsmen provide every fun, athletic, interesting, and outdoorsy activity possible throughout the year. Definitely check out this site for the best local-recommendations.
  8. Deer Valley Described as possibly the best skiing spot in America (yes, there are many candidates and even more judges), Deer Valley maintains a great blog that is here to keep all visitors in the know. With 6 contributors and counting, the Deer Valley Bloggers provide useful information so that visitors are aware of daily conditions.
  9. has an excellent feature post on Japanese Ski Resorts and has listed each and every place you can ski. You will be shocked to know that there are hundred of possibilities. If you are thinking about skiing in Asia, definitely give this site a look.
  10. We Love Breckenridge We Love Breckenridge is written by Roger and Teresa Moen, two Breckenridge lovers. Proclaimed “the best place on earth,” this couple blogs about why you too should believe the statement. A bonus, they blog about all 4 resorts in town. If you’re considering Breckenridge, definitely take a look at this blog!

Reviews: These resort and mountain reviews give readers an honest idea of what to expect at each place.

  1. Ciao Bambino Ciao Bambino is a family-fun blog that has given a review of Steamboat skiing in Colorado. This unique blog, written by Moms, has set out to encourage families to travel and write about travels. Seems that they have been just about everywhere, so check it out before planning your next trip!
  2.’s blog’s blog has listed the top 5 ski resorts in Germany. If you are planning a ski trip in Germany, consider these excellent recommendations based on specific regions. From Garmisch to Baden Baden, you’re covered!
  3. Golden Arrow Blog The Golden Arrow Blog, Golden Gab, blogging from Lake Placid, NY has a special feature post about Whiteface listed as the #1 Eastern Ski Resort. Second only to Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Canada, Whiteface happily claims this spot, ranked by SKI Magazine. Check out this review, and book your ticket to Whiteface, already!
  4. Ski Blog Ski Blog is a wonderful site for all skiers out there. Justin Blackburn, an IT guy from Arizona, tries to pack in as much pow-pow as possible every year, and then writes about it. Five years strong, this blog is up to date and gives great accounts of various ski topics (mainly places) categorized by state and resort.
  5. is a great blog that will give you the low-down on just about anything ski related. While they are not tied to a specific resort, these writers are well read when it comes to ski locations, so check it out of you are looking for a spot to ski. Enjoy getting to know the “lifties!”
  6. The Ski Department Blog The Ski Department Blog has reviewed one of the best Finnish resorts: Yllas. This area consists of two towns, Akaslompolo and Yllasjarvi. Written by Claire Warrington, a seasoned traveler to Yllas, this article is definitely worth checking out if you are going to be skiing in the area.
  7. Blog from Italy This Blog (part blog part magazine) from Italy gives a great, detailed review of Roccaraso Ski Resort in Abruzzo, Italy. This is definitely a busy blog with posts regarding just about anything. This particular ski section is a helpful resource for those lucky enough to ski in Italy!
  8.’s feature post on Fun in the Snow at Bukovel may have you wondering why you have never been to Ukraine. The plush snow and great ski terrain provides for a great family holiday environment.
  9. Who knew skiing inside could be so much fun? All the rush and none of the frostbite.’s blog gives a detailed account of the 5 best indoor ski blogs. Have fun staying warm!
  10. gives a magnificent review of the La Plagne Ski Resort in the French Alps. With endless activities from bobsledding to fun après ski spots, this review will have you jetting to the Alps ASAP!
  11. Japan Visitor Blog Japan visitor’s special post devoted to the ski lodge in Niigata is worth a read if you are interested in hitting the Japanese slopes. Sti Ski Lodge Niigata offers many great deals and is worth a visit for some powdery skiing.
  12. Crystal Ski Ireland Crystal Ski Ireland is Ireland’s premiere site for booking, rating, and reviewing the world’s top ski resorts. From the US to France to “the finest” section (featuring Austrian and French Chalets), this site ensures you’ll find a hot that caters to your skiing needs!

Bonus: These Bonus blogs are some extra, interesting tidbits that have to do with skiing and resorting. Definitely some interesting stuff worth checking out!

  1. ezinearticles This post actually goes out to all the resort bloggers (who we’re ranking!). Just a few tips for the snow obsessed blogger to make their blog more appetizing for guests. From stories to videos to contests, these recommendations will have guests raving about your blog.
  2. Odin Technologies Odin Technologies, “the trusted RFID resources,” does a great job of bringing the latest and greatest technologies to the slopes. This exquisite article explains how THE MIX was able to count and use RFID devices on the first day the slopes opened in Vail and Keystone. Read this post to understand more about how RFID is taking over!
  3. Snowshpere Snowshpere is a “magazine for snow travelers,” and has a great post about a DIY ski resort. While this may sound confusing, it is a way for snowboarders and skier to get their “freestyle fix,” in their own backyard. Backed by SnowGel, this article is worth reading, just to picture the idea of it all!
  4. Our Vail Ski Home Our Vail Ski Home is the blog belonging to Mark Gordon, Colorado Real Estate Expert. Primarily focused on Colorado and the Vail-area’s real estate, this timely blogger posts many videos that are pertinent to the current days of Colorado!
  5. snowskiing The snowskiing channel has a great blog wit ha special feature on an indoor ski resort in Israel. The trend of skiing indoors is increasing in popularity these days, and it seems that this resort, Sha’ar HaGilboa Centre, allows enthusiastic Israeli skiers (or visitors!) to enjoy the sport year round. Check out this review for some interesting facts about the centre’s plans!