Top 24 Designer Denim Blogs

Designer denim has skyrocketed in the past decade. Now it’s premium this and selvedge that from a wide array of denim brands worldwide. There are hand-dyed jeans created in Japan aimed at hipsters and stretch jeans made in America aimed at the middle-aged woman.

Blogs for Learning About Designer Denim

You may think designer denim is a passing fad, but there’s a lot of work that goes into creating a brand’s idea of the perfect pair of jeans. From studying the size of women across the country to making the most heavy and stiff jeans on the market, it’s more than just a pair of pants.

  1. Denim Archive : At this site it’s all about selvedge denim. See reader photos on how denim afficionados wear and care for their denim to get amazing fades.
  2. Indigo Slim : This site no longer updates, but the dreamy denim images are enough to make anyone want to pull out their favorite blues and frolic in the sunlight.
  3. Denimology : This is the ultimate online guide to mainstream denim. If you’re looking for premium denim brands like True Religion and MiH, as well as how they fit and where to buy them, you’ve come to the right place.
  4. The Selvedge Yard : This site talks a lot about denim, but focuses on amazing images from the days of yore when men wore jeans with serious style. You’ll never see men’s jeans in a shoddy light again .
  5. Ripped Back Pocket : This site focuses on men’s fashion with a lot of information on selvedge denim, how to care for it and how to wear it without trying too hard. It helps that the blogger writes from the heart (i.e. not overly formal).
  6. Denim News : This in-depth blog gives you the history of denim and how premium jeans are made. There’s almost nothing this blog doesn’t cover, so make it your first stop when looking for a lesson on jeans.
  7. Self Edge. : This is the go-to denim store for the creme de la creme of designer denim. If sleek jeans with non-existent logos and serious quality are what you’re in the market for, this is the site that can guide your purchase. Their blog is a stellar source for learning everything you need to know about selvedge denim.
  8. Hypebeast – Denim : The kids here know their stuff when it comes to anything denim. From blog posts over designer jeans to an active forum that praises or disses the fit and fades of your jeans, you’ll get an idea of what to look for when investing in a pair of pricey jeans.
  9. My Nudies : This site has a lot of information on Nudie jeans, but offers up information on other selvedge brands. The forum is an endless resource for learning about fit and fabric.

Blogs for Following Designer Denim Releases and Reviews

Keeping up with the world of designer denim can be quite the job since companies are churning out new styles and cuts faster than department stores and specialty boutiques can place orders. These designer denim blogs will help you keep up with what’s hot at a glance.

  1. Denim Geek : This amazing blog will keep you posted on the hottest men’s denim on the market. It delves into British and Japanese brands and goes into depth regarding fit, cut and fabric. A denim lover’s delight!
  2. Denim Blog : If you spot your dream jeans on Vanessa Hudgens, you can track down the brand, style name and price tag at this celeb-driven denim blog.
  3. Denim Debutante : This blogger’s obsessed with denim, but goes beyond the celebrity picks and reviews fits and washes in detail so you can make an educated buying decision, even if you’re buying online.
  4. DenimHunt : If you’re looking for denim you spotted in a celebrity tabloid, you’ll find it here. It also tracks denim news in terms of new store openings and online denim boutiques.
  5. DenimManiac : There’s plenty of male denim eye candy at this site that tracks fashion shows, features denim lookbooks for readers and has interview with heavy hitters in the industry.
  6. Designer Denim Science : This blog keeps you up to date with new lines, styles and collections from favorite designer denim brands. It also provides styling tips for different types of jeans.
  7. Denims and Jeans : This denim site gives you all of the designer jean news you can handle. We love it because it has guest posts that thoroughly explain how jeans are finished and woven on looms .
  8. Superfuture – Denim : Check out this denim forum for the latest and greatest high end jeans released around the globe, plus tips on how to track down the pair you’ve had your eye on.
  9. Denim Therapy : Denim news and celebrity picks are posted on this blog. It’s a great stop for fashion fanatics, since it regularly posts images of soon-to-be-released collections from contemporary labels.
  10. IndiDenim :This blog gives you tips on how to style your jeans, how to choose the right fit for your body type and how to .
  11. The Denim Guy : Stay in the loop when it comes to contemporary denim labels like J Brand, Habitual and Hudson. It’s a site that really speaks to the consumer, keeping real body shapes in mind.
  12. Grungy Gentleman : Even the”grungiest” guy can get stylish with the help of this site. Keep it bookmarked for a peek at denim launches before they hit the shelves .
  13. Mister Freedom : This site is part fashion blog, part online boutique and you’ll love it for constant updates on the latest batch of denim they receive. The bonus is they provide all of the stats you can imagine on each pair of jeans, making you confident in you buying decision.
  14. Denim Debate : Hardcore denim lovers can spend hours at this blog, going through the endless posts submitted by real people from around the world. The posts include what jeans they’re currently wearing, how long they’ve had them, what the jeans have been through and of course, pics!
  15. The Hidden Rivet : This blog follows Japanese and vintage denim (as well as other men’s fashion), giving you the skinny on how the jeans are constructed inside and out. We love that it provides denim measurements to give readers an idea of true fit, which can be tricky when purchasing jeans.

Designer denim prices are high, so before you buy, it’s wise to do your research. With all of the online resources for learning about designer denim, there’s no reason to go in cold turkey only to be at the mercy of a sales associate working on commission trying to push a pair of ill-fitting jeans on you.