The Importance of Religion in Childhood

There are many virtues that parents can teach their children, but when they teach them religion, they teach them all the virtues at once. Religion is an important part of who we are and what we will become, because its tenets and principles guide us at every stage of our lives. A child who grows up around religious parents and loved ones is often more religious as an adult. But beyond this, religion is important in and must play a leading role in childhood because:

  • It defines character: There’s no doubt about it; religion makes us better people. When we follow the teachings of the Lord and listen to what the Bible tells us to do, we become more selfless, kinder and more generous. We learn how to distinguish right from wrong and do the right thing all the time. Our morals are well defined and we find it easy to stay on the path of righteousness and truth. When character is built in childhood, it stays with you through life. So the influence of religion on children has a positive effect on them throughout their lives.
  • It boosts self control: Children face enormous pressure in their teen and preteen years as they struggle to deal with their changing bodies, raging hormones and the need to fit in with their peers. This sometimes drives them to experiment with alcohol, sex and other illicit activities. When they’re basically religious by nature, they are able to find the strength to avoid such activities, no matter how much they’re pressured to do so. They learn to trust in God and to avoid all that is immoral and illegal.
  • It reduces stress: It’s hard enough for adults to deal with stress, so when it comes to a child or a teenager, you can understand how difficult it is for them to cope with the tension of day to day life. Children who have faith in their religion and their God are able to seek support and solace in the Church and so are able to deal with their stress in healthy ways. They don’t go looking for trouble or causing it because they know they can turn to religion for an outlet.

When children are exposed to religion and its positive influences at an early age, they are able to deal with life more effectively and easily as adults.