Master’s Degrees in Teaching Credentials

Master’s in Teaching programs are designed for those who already have their bachelor’s degree but would like to teach, or improve their teaching methods if they are already teaching.

The Teaching Profession

Public school teachers must be licensed, which only requires a bachelor’s degree and completing an approved teacher education program. Private schools sometimes do not require teachers to be licensed. Depending on what grades you teach, the socioeconomic background of your students, and whether you teach in a private or public school, the demands placed on you will be different. Elementary school teachers often instruct one class of children on many subjects, whereas middle school and secondary school teachers usually only teach one subject to many classes.

Earning Your Credentials in Teaching

Earning your teaching credentials is different from earning a Master’s degree, and most schools will only hire credentialed teachers. However, credentialed teachers who have earned a Master’s degree in teaching or education may command a higher salary and take on more leadership roles. Many Masters Programs will combine teacher licensure with the master’s degree program, which includes supervised practice teaching in real classrooms. Masters programs also include training in research, lesson design and planning, and improving performance.

Master’s in Teaching Credentials Degrees

Master's in Teaching Degree Programs

Liberty University For those looking for a MA in Elementary or Secondary Teaching, or a MAT in Special Education, consider the online program at Liberty University. These programs are for students hoping to receive licensure in the State of Virginia. Coursework for the program is offered off-campus, but includes weekend intensives.
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University of Southern California If you are looking for a MA in Teaching or in TESOL, consider the online degree programs at the University of Southern California. This highly ranked program trains students to become great teachers. The curriculum is highly interactive and the same rigor as the on-campus program. Students, also participate in school-based fieldwork experiences.
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Purdue University For those considering a MA in Teaching or a MSHE in College Teaching & Learning, consider the online program at Purdue University. This degree is designed to prepare you for a teaching career. Through sustained learning, job-embedded activities, discussions and follow-ups, you will acquire the necessary teaching skills.
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Grand Canyon University If you are looking for a master's degree in education, consider an online program at Grand Canyon University. The school offers several programs designed to prepare practitioners for planning and instructional responsibilities appropriate for learners in postsecondary, community, and corporate settings. Many programs do lead to initial teacher licensure in fields like early childhood, elementary education, and special education.
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Saint Joseph’s University For those searching for a MS in Secondary Education, consider the online degree program at Saint Joseph’s University. In this program current teachers can specialize in one area or may move into teaching in a secondary educational setting. It includes courses on methodology, subject specific teaching techniques, and research.
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