Top 49 Ski Resort Blogs

If you are looking to get away this dreary winter, hitting the slopes might be the perfect solution to your winter blues! Finding the perfect ski resort can be tough, and for this, you must do your research. There are many mountains, both near and far, that make each resort is unique in it’s own way. After searching hundreds of blogs in order to find the best, we have narrowed it down to the top 49 Ski Resort and Lodge Blogs. Broken down into subcategories, we have: Resort Blogs, Year Round Resorts, Around Town Blogs, Imagery Blogs, Mountain/Regional Blogs, Review Blogs, and Bonus Blogs. Take a look at these blogs, and your bags will be packed with ski goodies before you’re done reading!

Resorts: These top-notch resort blogs will have you booking your lodging in no time. Well manicured and extremely informative, these blogs are very helpful.

  1. Powderhorn The Powderhorn Resort is in Mesa, Colorado and features some of the softest snow out there. This informative blog is up to date on all things Powderhorn related. Whether it’s the weather or the latest late-night parties in town, this blog will keep you in the know!
  2. Whitewater Ski Resort Blog The Whitewater Ski Resort Blog is an extremely well written blog that is up to date with daily ski conditions. “Ski the Powder Highway” seems to say it all, as this blog provides every reader with the nitty gritty details of what you need to know in order to ski here!
  3. Big Sky Ski Resort Big Sky Ski Resort is one of Montana’s top ski resorts and is known as “The Biggest Skiing in America.” Posts are submitted from various bloggers, and cutesy photos are always attached. This part of America seems like a great place to visit!
  4. Donner Ski Ranch Donner Ski Ranch hails from Lake Tahoe, and has created an open forum for guests to write about their experiences. A great piece of information for those searching for a new ski spot, hearing from previous guests. Described as a relaxed ski atmosphere, sit back and enjoy the blog!
  5. Silver Mountain Resort Silver Mountain Resort is a resort in Idaho that has everything from skiing amenities to an indoor waterpark! John Williams, Blogger of the resort’s site does a great job advertising all the wonderful options at Silver Mountain. What are you waiting for- get over there!
  6. Ski Homewood Ski Homewood is the blog for Homewood, located in Tahoe City. While skiing plays a big part at Homewood, this blog has all the info you need- from planning a wedding to attending the Snow Rangers Academy, Ski Homewood has got it all. Check out the photo gallery to visualize yourself there!
  7. Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort has a great blog that is constantly promoting fun events and specials at this Oregon ski resort. As January was “Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month,” this blog does a phenomenal job of attracting new visitors to the site, while keeping the seasoned ski-vets as well! Have fun!
  8. Elk Springs Resort Blog The Elk Springs Resort Blog in Gatlinburg, TN maintains a unique blog for all of the cabins, lodging, and places to stay while you’re there. With pictures for each place you can rent, you’re bound to be signing up to visit this quaint town.
  9. Ski Lodge Engelberg Ski Lodge Engelberg is a Swiss ski resort located in the monastery village of Engelberg. A quaint, magical town setting, this resort is worth visiting just for the scenery (not to mention the skiing!).
  10. Galena Lodge CMH (Canadian Mountain Holidays) post on Heli-Skiing, Galena Lodge has a terrific site on skiing and the ski culture Galena provides. As on of the first lodges in the area, this place is worth a visit for all of its new and state of the art offerings. The beautiful photo gallery is worth a visit!

Year Round: These two blogs do a great job of keeping you in the loop year-round. Check them out for all four seasons!

  1. Snowstar The Snowstar Ski resort is fresh out of Andalusia, IL and keeps all skiers and guest up to date on the mountain’s latest happenings. This blog will keep you updated with sun and ski activities year round.
  2. Roundtop Roundtop comes from the Pennsylvania slopes and chronicles everything from the beginners to the hardcores hitting the powder. Roundtop Mountain Resort is open year round and is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year. Tune in to this blog for the latest deals at Ski Roundtop, they’re worth it!

Around Town: Want to know what’s going on outside of the slopes? Check out these blogs for the hot après spots.

  1. Sundance Resort Blog The Sundance Resort Blog is a great site that provides all the up to date information going on t Sundance. While many associate this great place with the film festival, the other 50 weeks of the year are just as fun! Check out this site for specialized posts such as a ladies clinics and nightly specials at the Sundance Owl Bar.
  2. Heavenly Mountain Resort Blog The Heavenly Mountain Resort Blog is based out of Lake Tahoe and gives an almost daily report of mountain conditions. This blog maintains the California laid back attitude while providing all the information anyone could ask for. Check out the “around the town” section to see where the hot spots are in Tahoe.
  3. La Tania La Tania is located in France, but blogged from the UK, and has a well-updated blog with videos and all. Inviting guests to post their experiences in La Tania, this site is worth checking out to get a skier’s perspective.
  4. Grand Targhee Ski Resort The Grand Targhee Ski Resort has a fabulous blog entitled “Freshghee.” As one of Wyoming’s top ski spots, the Grand Targhee blog provides readers with everything from events in town to music festivals to weekly competitions. Check it out for some fun!

Images: These blogs’ beautiful images will have you booking your flights to the mountains. A standout performance with photography here.

  1. SkiUtah SkiUtah is a well-read blog with a devout following from skiers all over the world. Proclaimed the “Greatest Snow on Earth,” this blog will have any skier packing his/her bags immediately and quickly finding the fastest route to Utah. Superb graphics and imagery makes this blog a winner. Also, the sales on this site are not to be missed!
  2. Ski Solitude The blog for the Solitude Ski Resort, Ski Solitude, will already have you relaxing after just looking at the screen. With a flickr photo stream to die for, this Utah resort’s blog seems like a great place to visit, whether you’re riding solo or if you have a big group.
  3. Telluride Ski Resort’s Blog Telluride Ski Resort’s Blog is written by Dave Riley, CEO of Telluride Ski and Golf. This great blog gives a resort pro’s opinion (he’s worked at countless resorts) on the ins and outs of making a resort great for all visitors. Beautiful pictures on this blog will have you booking your ski trip ASAP!
  4. Ski Holidays with snoman Ski Holidays with SnoMan has a special feature on ski resorts and Les Deux Alpes – The Upside Down Ski Resort. Unlike most ski slopes, this area has beginners at the top taking the lift down, rather than learning at the foot of the mountain. An interesting article, and pictures are sure to provide any reader with envy!
  5. Telluride Another Review of Telluride, this time coming from Travelblog is a great site that reviews places all over the world. The best parts of this post are the breathtaking photos posted from the guest blogger. If you are on the fence about visiting Telluride, you’re sure to fall in love just by the pics!
  6. Park City Mountain Resort Blog The Park City Mountain Resort Blog is a well-manicured blog with many day-to-day updates to keep all visitors in the loop. This site gives prompt snow reports and 5 revolving bloggers to give all sorts of POVs. Great imagery on this site keeps the skiers coming back for more virtual fun.

Mountain: These blogs are not necessarily tied to a certain resort, but promoting the ski mountain and region. Many parts of these blogs give recommendations about area lodging.

  1. Wildcat Mountain Wildcat Mountain, Pure Vertical Fun promotes fun on the slopes. This informative blog tells you everything you need to know about what’s going on at Wildcat. With live video updates of snow and skiing footage, these New Hampshire mountain pros will guide you.
  2. Key to the Rockies Key to the Rockies is a great site for easy and accessible places throughout Keystone. Colorado offers some of, if not the best, ski locations in the country, Keystone being a major spot for seasoned skiers. Regardless of which Rocky Mountain hot spot you hit- this site makes it easy on anyone to get reviews and more importantly, make reservations!
  3. Ski Marble Ski Marble is a simply great blog coming to you from Newfoundland, Canada. This ski area is known for its challenging terrain, abundance of snow and short lift lines. Having the highest vertical drop in the Atlantic Canadian region, you’re in for a treat when visiting this blog. Enjoy!
  4. Visit Breck Visit Breck is a Breckenridge-dedicated blog that shines with its generous forum for locals and visitors alike. Providing the latest ski and social news, you’re never going to have a dull moment in Breck. Great recommendations from Breck lovers worth trying!
  5. Whitefish Ski Area Whitefish Ski Area is located in Northwest Montana and was a local ski area turned visitor friendly. With breathtaking views and beautiful terrains, this spot is worth a visit if you’re in the area!
  6. The Beaver Creek Blog The Beaver Creek Blog is an avidly updated blog with insightful posts about Beaver Creek’s latest conditions and ski options. This site provides all the in-town options for activities, as well as snowfall for many of the area peaks.
  7. Steamboat Ski Bums Steamboat Ski Bums is a great blog written by none other than Steamboat’s greatest ski bums. Blogging on behalf of ResortQuest, these outdoorsmen provide every fun, athletic, interesting, and outdoorsy activity possible throughout the year. Definitely check out this site for the best local-recommendations.
  8. Deer Valley Described as possibly the best skiing spot in America (yes, there are many candidates and even more judges), Deer Valley maintains a great blog that is here to keep all visitors in the know. With 6 contributors and counting, the Deer Valley Bloggers provide useful information so that visitors are aware of daily conditions.
  9. has an excellent feature post on Japanese Ski Resorts and has listed each and every place you can ski. You will be shocked to know that there are hundred of possibilities. If you are thinking about skiing in Asia, definitely give this site a look.
  10. We Love Breckenridge We Love Breckenridge is written by Roger and Teresa Moen, two Breckenridge lovers. Proclaimed “the best place on earth,” this couple blogs about why you too should believe the statement. A bonus, they blog about all 4 resorts in town. If you’re considering Breckenridge, definitely take a look at this blog!

Reviews: These resort and mountain reviews give readers an honest idea of what to expect at each place.

  1. Ciao Bambino Ciao Bambino is a family-fun blog that has given a review of Steamboat skiing in Colorado. This unique blog, written by Moms, has set out to encourage families to travel and write about travels. Seems that they have been just about everywhere, so check it out before planning your next trip!
  2.’s blog’s blog has listed the top 5 ski resorts in Germany. If you are planning a ski trip in Germany, consider these excellent recommendations based on specific regions. From Garmisch to Baden Baden, you’re covered!
  3. Golden Arrow Blog The Golden Arrow Blog, Golden Gab, blogging from Lake Placid, NY has a special feature post about Whiteface listed as the #1 Eastern Ski Resort. Second only to Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Canada, Whiteface happily claims this spot, ranked by SKI Magazine. Check out this review, and book your ticket to Whiteface, already!
  4. Ski Blog Ski Blog is a wonderful site for all skiers out there. Justin Blackburn, an IT guy from Arizona, tries to pack in as much pow-pow as possible every year, and then writes about it. Five years strong, this blog is up to date and gives great accounts of various ski topics (mainly places) categorized by state and resort.
  5. is a great blog that will give you the low-down on just about anything ski related. While they are not tied to a specific resort, these writers are well read when it comes to ski locations, so check it out of you are looking for a spot to ski. Enjoy getting to know the “lifties!”
  6. The Ski Department Blog The Ski Department Blog has reviewed one of the best Finnish resorts: Yllas. This area consists of two towns, Akaslompolo and Yllasjarvi. Written by Claire Warrington, a seasoned traveler to Yllas, this article is definitely worth checking out if you are going to be skiing in the area.
  7. Blog from Italy This Blog (part blog part magazine) from Italy gives a great, detailed review of Roccaraso Ski Resort in Abruzzo, Italy. This is definitely a busy blog with posts regarding just about anything. This particular ski section is a helpful resource for those lucky enough to ski in Italy!
  8.’s feature post on Fun in the Snow at Bukovel may have you wondering why you have never been to Ukraine. The plush snow and great ski terrain provides for a great family holiday environment.
  9. Who knew skiing inside could be so much fun? All the rush and none of the frostbite.’s blog gives a detailed account of the 5 best indoor ski blogs. Have fun staying warm!
  10. gives a magnificent review of the La Plagne Ski Resort in the French Alps. With endless activities from bobsledding to fun après ski spots, this review will have you jetting to the Alps ASAP!
  11. Japan Visitor Blog Japan visitor’s special post devoted to the ski lodge in Niigata is worth a read if you are interested in hitting the Japanese slopes. Sti Ski Lodge Niigata offers many great deals and is worth a visit for some powdery skiing.
  12. Crystal Ski Ireland Crystal Ski Ireland is Ireland’s premiere site for booking, rating, and reviewing the world’s top ski resorts. From the US to France to “the finest” section (featuring Austrian and French Chalets), this site ensures you’ll find a hot that caters to your skiing needs!

Bonus: These Bonus blogs are some extra, interesting tidbits that have to do with skiing and resorting. Definitely some interesting stuff worth checking out!

  1. ezinearticles This post actually goes out to all the resort bloggers (who we’re ranking!). Just a few tips for the snow obsessed blogger to make their blog more appetizing for guests. From stories to videos to contests, these recommendations will have guests raving about your blog.
  2. Odin Technologies Odin Technologies, “the trusted RFID resources,” does a great job of bringing the latest and greatest technologies to the slopes. This exquisite article explains how THE MIX was able to count and use RFID devices on the first day the slopes opened in Vail and Keystone. Read this post to understand more about how RFID is taking over!
  3. Snowshpere Snowshpere is a “magazine for snow travelers,” and has a great post about a DIY ski resort. While this may sound confusing, it is a way for snowboarders and skier to get their “freestyle fix,” in their own backyard. Backed by SnowGel, this article is worth reading, just to picture the idea of it all!
  4. Our Vail Ski Home Our Vail Ski Home is the blog belonging to Mark Gordon, Colorado Real Estate Expert. Primarily focused on Colorado and the Vail-area’s real estate, this timely blogger posts many videos that are pertinent to the current days of Colorado!
  5. snowskiing The snowskiing channel has a great blog wit ha special feature on an indoor ski resort in Israel. The trend of skiing indoors is increasing in popularity these days, and it seems that this resort, Sha’ar HaGilboa Centre, allows enthusiastic Israeli skiers (or visitors!) to enjoy the sport year round. Check out this review for some interesting facts about the centre’s plans!

Top 10 Ways Teachers Can Make Lessons More Interesting

I’ve always believed that your love for a subject depends on the kind of teacher you have in your early years at school. So if your Math teacher could not make you understand the subject in spite of being a certified genius, you’re bound to develop an aversion to the subject. Teachers are the tools through which students learn, and no matter how brilliant a student is, the way a lesson is taught makes a significant difference to the student’s understanding of and passion for the subject. So if you’re a teacher, it’s up to you to make lessons more interesting and stimulating. And if you’re looking for ways to do so, here are a few that might help:

  1. Know your subject: You would think that teachers are supposed to know their subject, but some of them come to class unprepared and end up consulting their notes all the time or worse, reading from the book. Unless you thoroughly know what you’re supposed to teach, you’re not going to earn the respect of your students, and when they don’t respect you, they lose interest in your classes.
  2. Talk to them, not at them: We had a teacher in high school who mumbled to the blackboard, and if he did talk to us, most of his words were muffled by his beard. I’ve also met my share of teachers who are erudite and knowledgeable, but they have trouble getting their students to understand their teaching. You must talk to your students, not at them.
  3. Use analogies: One of my favorite teachers taught Algebra in high school and she used a great analogy to teach us how the signs change when they cross over to the other side – she would tell us that if her son crossed the equal sign and went over to the other side, he would become her daughter. Similarly, if the plus went over to the other side, it would become a minus and vice versa. Needless to say, Algebra was one of my best subjects because we were always eager to see what analogy she would come up with next.
  4. Be approachable: Your students must be able to approach you with any questions or doubts they may have, and when you encourage them to do so without fear, they enjoy your lessons and learn much more.
  5. Get practical when possible: If the lesson facilitates practical demonstrations (in subjects like science), make the classroom a lab for a day. Or if you teach Literature, get your class to act out the roles in a play they’re reading. Geography lessons get more interesting when students who’ve traveled outside the country relate their experiences in class. And, well, you get my drift.
  6. Crack a joke or two: Don’t be averse to making a joke or two during the lesson to get your students to laugh. A mini break or relaxation from the lesson will get them to like you more without distracting them too much.
  7. Take it outdoors: If your school allows it, schedule a class outdoors on a nice and sunny day – I remember looking forward to these impromptu al fresco when I was in middle school.
  8. Don’t make your students feel stupid: No matter how asinine your students’ questions are, answer them patiently and without ridiculing them. This makes them open to interacting with you in class.
  9. Take command: If you don’t exude authority and are not able to keep your students in line without having to raise your voice, indiscipline can reign in your classroom and ruin your lesson. So take command from day one, and prevent unruliness and misbehavior so that your lesson goes smoothly.
  10. Know your students: And finally, bond with your students in small ways – know their first names and remember personal information they share. Offer insight and personalized feedback into the way they’ve performed on tests instead of just handing back their papers with their grades on them, and suggest ways for them to improve themselves. When your students like and admire you, they take more interest in your class and want to improve their performance.

Top 50 Blogs for Anthropologists

Anthropology, or the study of humanity, has been around for a long time dating back to the days of philosopher Immanuel Kant. It is also defined as the study of humankind and our origins throughout different places and times. Anthropology is an interdisciplinary science that can focus in detail on cultural, biological, linguistic, and archaeological research.

If the above sounds confusing, you are not alone. To help, we have collected the top 50 blogs for anthropologists. Written by students, advocates, and actual anthropologists, they are full of updates, the latest in research, expert opinions, and even the occasional rant. A good read for anyone from experts to those looking to learn a little more about the field.

Top News Blogs for Anthropologists

Get the latest headlines in anthropology and related fields with a visit to these blogs.

  1. Science Daily The latest up to the minute headlines are constantly updated on this popular site. They can also be sorted into just the anthropology and in sub categories like cultures, early human, and many others.
  2. Archaeology and Anthropology Stop here for the anthropology headlines from “The New York Times.” Be sure not to miss the multimedia entries with informative slideshows and videos.
  3. Yahoo! If the above are too fancy for you, there is always the news feed at Just the headlines, links, and a little about the story are featured.
  4. CNN This leading news network also keeps up to date on their web page. You can check out the latest anthropology topics, as well as recommended features by their experts.
  5. American Journal of Physical Anthropology Read the latest on the topic from these scientific experts. You can read or download many articles, or learn more about the journal itself.
  6. American Anthropological Association Not to be confused with the car AAA, they keep up to date with the latest findings and happenings in the anthropology industry. Along with the blog, you can check out the main site with a newsfeed, podcasts, and more.
  7. Anthropology in Practice The goal of the AIP is to keep the public better informed with the world of anthropology. Choose from mentions and popular articles such as the video on anthropology in five minutes.
  8. Anthropology Works This blog is part of the project at the Culture in Global Affairs program at George Washington University. It often highlights its latest findings, as well as other happenings in the field.

Top Evolution Blogs for Anthropologists

Because evolution is also an important part of anthropology, check out these blogs.

  1. Scientific American This leading scientific publication allows visitors to choose several different topics including archaeology, dinosaurs, evolutionary biology, and linguistics. In addition to the latest features, you can also get many related podcasts and videos. The podcasts are also a popular choice here.
  2. New Scientist Click here to get an introduction to evolution, as well as many related articles. Another leading publication, you can also get thousands of other related topics.
  3. Pharyngula PZ Myers is a biologist and associate professor at the University of Minnesota, Morris. His blog is about “evolution, development, and random biological ejaculations from a godless liberal.”

  4. The Loom This blog is part of the larger network at Discover Blogs. The author recently had an article pulled and blogs all about it. There are also many other science blogs on the site.
  5. Reconciliation Ecology Madhusudan Katti is an assistant professor of vertebrate ecology in Fresno, California. His specialty is reconciling ecology with modern theory. Top posts on the blog include fossil fuels and Woo vs. Science.
  6. Laelaps Brian Switek recently made the leap from Science Blogs to Wired. His specialty is paleontology and he writes more about it on the blog. A recent entry was on Qesem cave fossils.
  7. The Tree of Life Jonathan A. Eisen is an evolutionary biologist at the University of California, Davis. He often gives his opinion on items in the news. You can also view more on his Labs Page.

Top Blogs for Anthropologists by a Group

Two or more bloggers take on the topic of anthropology.

  1. Editor Kambiz Kamrani and others discuss research, resources, and knowledge in the area. Top posts include cross cultural burial rituals and the language tree. A popular choice, one of the most recent posts was on how to share anthropology.
  2. Savage Minds Visit here for a group blog with notes and queries in anthropology. Category highlights include anthropology at war, how to, reviews, and more.
  3. Zero Anthropology This is a project of decolonization, growing out of a discipline with a long history and a deep epistemological connection to colonialism. A quote from Keats relating to their studies greet all who visit. Learn more about it with a read of the blog, or check out their YouTube channel with even more.
  4. Another Anthro Blog The AA blog is actually part of the above blog’s project. You can check out their thesis, research proposal, or just read the latest entry. Tips on staying focused in anthropology were recently shared.
  5. Museum Anthropology Stop here for the blog from “The Journal of the Council for Museum Anthropology.” Labels are on every region and topic on anthropology including news, reviews, exhibition information, and more.
  6. Material World Haidy Geismar and other anthropology students and experts from New York to London collaborate on this blog. It is intended as an online hub for contemporary debates, discussion, thinking, and research centered on material and visual culture.
  7. Somatosphere Visit here for science, medicine, and anthropology. Entries often examine anthropological news and findings for their readers. The index is full of topics from addiction to Zizek.
  8. Culture Matters This is the group blog of current and former students and staff of the Department of Anthropology at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. They are particularly interested in how the methods and insights of anthropology are applied. Also a good choice for international anthropology.
  9. International Cognition and Culture Institute The ICCI strives to promote interdisciplinary collaborations between cognition and culture. The blog often includes the latest in findings and thoughts on the subjects. Anthropological thought process are often focused on.

Top Blogs for Anthropologists by an Individual

These individuals focus on anthropology and share more via blog.

  1. Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog How do you utilize online calculators for anthropology? This blogger shows you how with a racial analysis, anthropometric, and other calculators. You can also find regularly updated articles.
  2. Lorenz writes about his favorite subject in many languages, including English. Categories range from applied anthropology to university and everything in between. Racism in anthropology? That was the subject of a recent entry.
  3. A Hot Cup of Joe Stop here for archaeology, anthropology, science, and skepticism. He is a graduate from the University of Texas’s anthropology program and is now a graduate student. He also has a special fascination with pseudoarchaeology and so-called “alternative” archaeology and what it is that drives people to believe in this and other pseudoscientific notions.
  4. Long Road Kimberly Christen is an Assistant Professor at Washington State University. She uses this blog to keep writing, maintain extended conversations, and keep updated on events surrounding anthropology issues. Indigenous topics are primarily discussed.
  5. Dnapes Pop science and culture combine on this anthropology blog. A recent entry was on stem cell transplants in dogs. True to form, pop culture also comes up frequently in the blog.

  6. Anthropological Notebook Lye Tuck-Po features loads of impressive images to go along with the blog. Penang was the subject of the latest round of entries and can be seen an impressive light. Thoughts also accompany pictures.
  7. Glossographia Stephen Chrisomalis is an anthropologist and assistant professor at Wayne State University. His blog focuses on anthropology, linguistics, and pre-history. He also links to related projects.
  8. Media/Anthropology John Postill is an anthropologist specializing in the study of media and a lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University. Anthropology in the media and academia are often the topics of posts. Opinions on both are also shared.
  9. Anthropologist in the Attic Get a blog by a socio-cultural anthropologist in areas and topics that appeal to her in this blog. The latest posts are on ancient tablets, China, and the Socotra Island.
  10. Context and Variation Kathryn Clancy is an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Illinois. Her blog focuses on human behavior, evolutionary medicine, and “lady business.” You don’t have to be a woman to read, but it doesn’t hurt.

Top Archaeology Blogs for Anthropologists

Go back in time to study anthropology as these archaeologists and blogs do.

  1. Aaardvarchaeology Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, and skeptic. Part of Science Blogs, posts are on everything from the latest in science to what is on his mind. There are also many other related blogs to choose from.
  2. A Very Remote Period Indeed Julien is an archaeologist from Denver. Check out his blog for a blog reviewing recent archaeological publications having to do with Paleolithic archaeology, paleoanthropology, lithic technology, hunter-gatherers, and archaeological theory.

  3. Bone GirlKristina Killgrove reports on her research, others’ research, and a variety of things she finds interesting. She is also a physical anthropologist, archaeologist, and classicist.
  4. Digging Digitally This blog is part of the SAA Digital Data Interest Group. Archaeology, data sharing, digitally enabled research, and education are the focus here. Be sure not to miss their lectures available as downloaded podcasts.
  5. Archaelogy Kris Hirst is your expert guide to archaeology for Must reads include great research paper topics and a guide to Mesopotamia. There are also many useful videos on the topic available to watch.
  6. Archaeology Online Stop here for archaeological web sites, an archaeology search engine, excavations, field schools, books, reviews, and where to find archaeology on the web. Anita does SEO and started the first social network for archaeologists.
  7. Archaeology News This is the official blog of “Archaeology” magazine. You can check out the latest archaeological headlines and thoughts from the writers and editors. A subscription is not needed to take advantage of many online entries.
  8. Archaeo Seek Need to know more about archaeology and anthropology? Then stop here to get a social network just for you. Visitors can also check out the forums without signing up.

Top Specialty Blogs for Anthropologists

These anthropology blogs fit into their own category.

  1. Visual Anthropology of Japan The author of this blog has students write entries every week for a visual anthropology blog. Photos, captions, and random items are often featured. Although regularly featured, Japan is not the only country discussed.
  2. Ethnography This is the study of ethnicity. Learn more about this form of anthropology with a stop here. They also have an Ordinary People Project you can get more information on.
  3. Photoethnography If the above is too complex for you, check out this blog with more pictures. Videos, international fare, and opinions are also shared.
  4. Neuroanthropology The encultured brain and body are discussed here. The author also includes a combination of anthropology, philosophy, social theory, and the brain sciences. A good choice for a history and science of thinking.
  5. An Anthropologist Goes Techno Cultural anthropology, new media, and technology combine in this blog. Jukka Jouhki is a professor at the University of Jyväskylä and has loads more to say. Also a good choice for those who enjoy technology.
  6. Cyber Anthropology What do anthropology and video games have in common? Check out this blog by a grad student that focuses on the study of cyber anthropology, social networking, online communities, and more.
  7. Food Anthropology See how food, nutrition, and anthropology intersect on this blog. It is authored by the members of the Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition. World food issues are also discussed.
  8. Missives from a Misanthropologist Is all this love of people getting you down? Then check out this blog from Kyle West who is very annoyed by people and uses this blog to vent all about it. More of a ranting blog than anthropology, it is good for a laugh.

Whether writing a research paper or looking for anthropology related topics for your next cocktail party, there are loads of ideas to discover and learn in the above top 50 blogs for anthropologists. If you need help learning a term or are confused on a word in the subject, check out the Anthropology Glossary. Provided by the experts at The University of Alabama, you can simply type in the term to get definition. There are over 2,500 unique terms available for the searching.

Top 50 Linguistics Blogs

Ever wonder why the words we say mean what they do? Or how we learn them or teach to others? Then chances are linguistics have come up at one time or another. Not just for academic types anymore, linguistics can help you both speak and write better. But how to learn without entering a graduate program in linguistics?

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to do so is to check out the blog of someone who has already learned what you wish to know. To that effect, we have gathered the top 50 linguistics blogs. By actual linguistic experts, teachers, and just plain lovers of words, they can do everything from improve your vocabulary to confusing your more wordy friends.

Top General Linguistics Blogs

These blogs feature all sorts of entries on linguistics.

  1. A Walk in the Words Visit here for a “linguistic tour for people who love having fun with words and language.” You can read loads more about linguistics, along with syntax, semantics, morphology, and others. Linguistic related rants and raves are also included.
  2. Literal Minded Get “linguistic commentary from a guy who takes things too literally” here. With pieces on everything from the Christmas related to the occasional variation, Neal has loads to say. Posts often contain real life conversations and the lessons learned from them.
  3. Ryan’s Linguistics Blog He is from New Jersey where he is studying for a graduate degree in linguistics. His research interests include phonology, phonetics, Optimality Theory, syllable structure, and Native American languages. Weekly updates often include items he has just learned.
  4. Language Hat English is by no means the only language this blogger focuses on. Italian, Spanish, and loads of tidbits for the English language are all discussed. There is also a lengthy list of recommended reads.
  5. Clinical Linguistics This blog is all about clinical linguistics and clinical phonetics. Regular entries are on everything from how we learn to what we should be learning. Instrumental phonetic techniques are what they are currently writing about.
  6. Bad Linguistics Check out linguistics gone wrong at this blog. The blogger believes that “if you are going to broadcast your views about language, you might want to get a few things straight first.” Subjunctives and fuzzy logic were recently discussed.
  7. The Linguistics Zone This blog is worth a visit just for the “Internet’s Most Hated Words” post alone. Discontinued for over a year though, don’t expect new posts. Other must reads include “Sounds vs. Spelling” and “Indirect Speech Fun.”
  8. Lingformat Linguistics as reported on in news items was the focus of this blog. Although the author decided to shut it down, you can still find years’ worth of archives to sift through. Many often link to the news item itself.

Top Linguistics Blogs by a Linguist

These experts have loads more to say about linguistics via blog.

  1. The Linguist on Language If you have ever been discouraged in your love of language, this is the blog for you. The Linguist keeps loads of new and old entries for those who are just learning a language or would like to master it better. You can even click on the section for their particular language learning method.
  2. Mr. Verb Mr. V. and his colleagues keep up with the changes in language. With a tagline of “Deal with it. Revel in it.” it’s hard to do anything but. The effects of the mass media are the topic of one of the latest posts.
  3. The Lousy Linguist Stop here for notes on linguistics and cognition. Chris is a linguist who has worked in academia, government consulting, NLP, and the marketing industry. He is currently a software trainer but has loads to write on linguistics.
  4. Separated by a Common Language This blog stands out for being written by an American linguist living in the UK. Linguistics and usage is often divided into three categories: British, American, and Oxford English. The Words of the Year are the topic of the latest post.
  5. The Virtual Linguist Susan Harvey is a linguist in English as well as French, German, and Russian. Categories range from increasing vocabulary to improving grammar. The dandelion was the subject of a recent entry.
  6. Linguism Get “language in a word” from this blog. The blogger was a lecturer on English phonetics for half a dozen years and was then the BBC’s Pronunciation Adviser for over 20 years. Categories on the blog include genealogy, music, names, and even different languages.
  7. Speaking My Languages Sharynne McLeod is Professor of Speech and Language Acquisition at Charles Sturt University. Located in Australia, she uses the blog to archive what she has learned and accomplished in a fellowship. Daily life and musings also find their way into blog entries.

Top Linguistics Podcasts

Because speaking and reading are two very different things, visit here to get audio lessons on linguistics.

  1. Grammar Girl A constant leader in linguistics, this podcast is a must for anyone with even a passing interest in linguistics. Many common mistakes, such as desert vs. dessert, are tackled and episodes can be only a few seconds long. There are also many other related podcasts.
  2. A Way With Words Martha and Grant host this linguistics show for public radio. Listen to the latest episode online, or check out many past ones. You can even send in your linguistics questions online or over the phone.
  3. Hot for Words Whether you choose to read an article or watch a video, this site combines learning words and the origins of words with pretty girls. Marina Orlova is not your typical word lover but has loads of entries to choose from. The origins of words from “teddy bear” to “porn” are the subjects of posts.
  4. The Public Speaker What good are linguistics if you can’t share with the public? This podcast is dedicated to improving anyone’s communication skills. Top choices include “How to be a Great Guest Speaker” and “How to Introduce Yourself.”
  5. Language Learning Podcast If interested in learning more about another language, stop here. It collects useful podcasts on those who speak many common languages who wish to learn another. Choices include Spanish, German, French, and others.
  6. EPN The Education Podcast Network offers loads of podcasts on learning. English language arts and second languages are just some of the choices. There are also other educational topics.
  7. Speaking English Podcast Those still perfecting their English will enjoy this podcast. Categories range from a literal A to Z of language related topics. You can also browse the archive or view upcoming episodes.
  8. Daily French Pod Visit here to get a daily French lesson. It combines free podcasts and a very effective communicative teaching method that enables users to learn French when and where they wish to. There are also learning guides and transcripts to go along with episodes.
  9. Radio Lingua Finally, no matter which language you prefer, these podcasts offer something for you. Providers of the Coffee Break series, they offer short lessons for those learning another language a little at a time. Free materials are available for download.

Top Language Blogs

The below blogs discuss all forms of language, including linguistics.

  1. Lexiophiles Love your words more with the help of these language bloggers. Choose from a topics overview, study abroad programs, and translation failures. Blog entries come in many different languages, including English.
  2. Grammarphobia Blog Patricia and Stewart have written several books on the English language. Visit their blog for grammar myths, writing tips, and more. One of the latest posts was on the phrase “wha’ happen?”
  3. Lovely Little Lexemes “Explore the strange and wonderful English language one word at a time” in this blog. Mrs. B. often features a word of the day as well as thoughts on it. Items such as caliginous, defenestrate, and others are the subject.
  4. Sentence First Stan is a scientist and writer turned editor and swivel-chair linguist. A standout for being written by an Irishman, the blog focuses on usage, grammar, styles, literature, history, and quirks. Random items that interest him are also featured.
  5. John Well’s Phonetic Blog He is from the UK and blogs on everything to do with phonetics. Thousands of visitors have stopped by for language tips, learning, the science of language, and much more. One of the most recent entries was on an ultrasound study of language.
  6. Being Multilingual Madalena speaks English, French, Portuguese, and Swedish. She specializes in myths, paradoxes, and misconceptions about multilingualism. Check out her blog for a multi-lingual point of view on languages.
  7. Throw Grammar From the Train Jan Freeman has written about language for 13 years now. She freely admits to being a “recovering nitpicker” and the blog is no exception. Language and linguistic items in the news often make their way to the blog.
  8. Arnold Zwicky Not a very fancy blog, it has mostly language related entries. Categories, however, can range on everything from abbreviations to writing systems. How does underwear help linguistics? Check out this entry to see.
  9. Mighty Red Pen This blogger is an editor with over a dozen years of professional experience. Blog entries often deal with reader sent in questions and answers. The absurd in language is often featured.
  10. Talk Wordy to Me Brian White is an editor at “The Boston Globe.” The blog is his accounting of things he finds interesting about the English language, especially words. Writing, reading, and editing are all included.

Top Linguistics News Blogs

Learn the latest in linguistics news by checking out the below blogs.

  1. Science Daily This massive science site has many sub sections including Mind and Brain. There is even a special part for Language Acquisition. Stop to check out the latest headlines in linguistics and related areas.
  2. The English Blog Internet resources for learners and teachers of English are shared here. They include reviews, news, tips, and even trivia. Latest items are often linked to.
  3. University of Michigan Get linguistics news from an academic point of view here. Categories range from awards to syntax. The latest was on a language journal entry.
  4. Paleoglot Ancient languages and civilizations are what this language blog centers around. The origins of many common words are often discussed. You can even get a Protoword of the Week here.
  5. Brave New Words Click here for a blog about translation, language, literature, and other related topics. B.J. Epstein is from Chicago but now lives in England. He also works as a translator and discusses that.
  6. Web Translations If tech related words are your poison, stop here. This blog contains loads of words invented or reinvented just for the web. There are also web related words in other languages to learn.
  7. The Phrontistery Don’t know what a logorrhea is? Then this is the linguistics blog for you. It commonly features uncommon words that arise in the English language.

Top Vocabulary Linguistics Blogs

Use these blogs to learn a new word each day or each time you visit.

  1. Wordnik Also a blog, they feature a word of the day. Wordnik is also a comprehensive online dictionary for those who love words. There is also a mobile option for those visiting from phones.
  2. Weboword Visual vocabulary is the focus of this blog. When words are taught, there is also a visual to go along with it. There are also puzzles with more.
  3. Dr. Goodword Check out his blog for items such as “The Top 10 Words of the Year” and answers to common questions. He also features a Good Word of the Day which can keep in step with the time of year. He also has other fun and games.
  4. Dictionary Society Get a scoop on words that make the dictionary here. News items of interest are often discussed. Opinions are also shared.
  5. Double Tongued Dictionary If all this talk of linguistics is too fancy, click here. This blog specializes in fringe English with particular attention to slang, jargon, and new words. The Word of the Day, catchwords, and more are all available.
  6. The Noun Project What does a noun look like? Visit here to find out. This excellent resource can help you guess and learn vocabulary in a visual way.
  7. Apostrophe Abuse What good is knowing the right words if the wrong punctuation surrounds them? This blog takes a disaster, usually involving punctuation and displays on the blog. You can even get an option to submit your own word related disaster.
  8. The Spelling Blog Knowing what to say and how to spell it can be two different things. When spell check fails you, there is Johanna Stirling’s blog on how spelling works, along with how to learn it. She even lists entries from alphabet to visual spelling.
  9. Headlines This feature is a hilarious part of “The Tonight Show.” Each week, Jay reads actual headlines gone wrong. Visit here for the latest or a gallery of the worst.

Whether looking to improve your own speech or just get some word related fun, there is loads to be had on the above top 50 linguistics blogs. If looking to simply increase your vocabulary or learn something new, try out a site like or Merriam Webster. You can use them to look up words, get pronunciations, Word of the Day, and many other word related items.

Are You a Part-Time Teacher?

Teaching is considered a fulfilling profession, one that gives you more than just financial returns. So if you’re considering becoming a part-time teacher, it could be the right kind of moonlighting to do if you have a natural flair for teaching and are qualified in some way to do so. Teaching part-time has its pros and cons, and if you’re aware of them, it’s easy to maximize the pros and keep the cons down. So before you get started on the job, here’s what you need to know:

  • Do you have the right qualifications? Not everyone can become a teacher; you have to have the right qualifications, and these differ from state to state. So before you apply for teaching positions, even if they’re just part-time, ensure that you satisfy the prerequisites. If you’re interested in teaching at a particular school or college because of proximity issues, call them to see if you qualify and if they have any open positions or if they know of anyone else in the vicinity who’s hiring. Don’t rush out to gain any additional qualifications you may require without knowing for certain that this is something you want to do on a continuous basis.
  • Are you a first-time teacher? If this is your first teaching job, you’re probably going to be nervous about fitting in and being liked by your class. It will take you a while to get settled in, but in order to really hit it off with your students and earn their respect, you must be knowledgeable in your subject and know how to control a classroom. Besides this, you must know how to teach according to the age and emotional maturity of your students; many teachers are guilty of failing this test – they may know all there is to know about the subject, but they have no clue as to how to present it to their class and make them understand.
  • How are you going to balance two jobs? If you’re a part-time teacher, you could be balancing two jobs simultaneously. If your other job is not related in any way to teaching and if the skill sets and responsibilities don’t overlap, you could be taking on more than you bargained for. It’s ok to be a part-time teacher at two or even three different educational institutions, it’s even ok to work as a freelancer or own a home business when you’re a part-time teacher, but if you work at any other job that is inflexible and demanding, you could end up compromising on your performance in the classroom. Teaching is a responsibility that you must take seriously, so if you feel that you’re not giving it your all, it’s time to quit one job and focus on the other.
  • Are you teaching online? Some people find that teaching online part-time makes it easier for them to balance two jobs simultaneously. However, online teaching comes with its own responsibilities and may involve you being available online for your students for the better part of the day. It’s a student-centric world, and besides putting up lessons, you will be involved in leading and mentoring discussions and in clearing doubts and answering questions.

So before you go down this route and become a part-time teacher, ensure that you’re willing to do what it takes to make it work, irrespective of whether you hold another job or not.

Top 24 Mid-Century Furniture Blogs

What’s old is new again when it comes to furniture. With shelving units and tables made of particle board, plus sky high prices for low quality furniture, many are turning to vintage furniture. Among the most popular era is mid-century furniture, which evokes a Mad Men quality in modern homes. Mixing old furniture with clean lines and modern touches can create a unique space that will stand out in a sea of mass-produced furnished homes.

Top Mid-Century Furniture Blogs

Learn all about mid-century furniture at these blogs. Remember that prices for mid-century furniture can rival the high prices for new furniture, so it’s important to know the designers and hallmarks of the era to find fabulous pieces in antique shops and at flea markets.

  1. Room Service Store – Mid-Century Modern Furniture This blog updates sporadically, but for those who need tips on how to work mid-century furniture pieces into their modern space, it’s an essential read.
  2. Mid-Century Modernist This blog doesn’t update often, but peruse the archived posts for anything you need to know about mid-century furniture. Check out the info on auctions where to purchase authentic pieces from the ‘40s -‘70s.
  3. Collector’s Weekly – Danish Furniture If you’re looking for serious tips and info on modern furniture, this is your site. It’s penned by experts who know their stuff and features a handful of auctions with mid-century pieces.
  4. Lushpad This interior design blog is a winner for learning how to work your mid-century pieces in with more current furniture and how to spot pieces when they’re out of context – like at a garage sale.
  5. Mid-Century Furniture This blog covers all aspects of modern furniture. It talks about individual pieces from designers like Herman Miller and also delves into working mid-century pieces into offices with ease.
  6. Dallas and Forth Worth Mid-Century Modern This site features furniture and architecture from the ‘40s-70’s in and around the Dallas and Fort Worth area. There’s eye candy galore and the occasional history lesson on furniture and designs.
  7. Scrapbook Scrapbook – Mid-Century Modern Furniture For a lesson in mid-century furniture, this is your blog. It gives you the story behind the iconic pieces from this era in design and furniture and also gives you online sources for purchasing pieces.
  8. We’re Finish – Mid-Century Modern Furniture These folks are in the business or restoring fabulous mid-century pieces and talks about price points for selling items at auction and how to do minimal restoration on your own when trying to spruce up a modern piece of furniture.
  9. Modern Findings No matter how much you love modern furniture, you may not be able to pay the high price tags. Finding modern furniture reproductions or inspired pieces is this blog’s purpose and those on a budget will appreciate the amazing pieces that are accessible.
  10. MyArsrc – 4 Characteristics That Define Mid-Century Furniture If you need help deciphering genuine mid-century furniture pieces from mass-produced items, this blog post will show you how to do it. It’s great for learning the basics of modern furniture design.
  11. Brooklyn Modern This blog shows mid-century and mid-century-inspired furniture and architecture from all over the globe. It also offers tips and inspiration for mixing the new and the old so it makes sense.
  12. Blog 2 Modern Take a look at this site for modern furniture design ideas and sources online that will get you furniture with a similar look without scouring antique shops and high-priced vintage dealers.
  13. Modern Findings This site showcases mid-century modern furniture and also accessories that can be sprinkled throughout the home to add that vintage edge.

More Blogs and Articles for Learning How to Buy Mid-Century Furniture

These sites show you what to look for when buying mid-century furniture and perusing it online. Remember to know your stuff (or have access to someone who does) to avoid getting burned when buying off auction sites.

  1. Worthpoint – Maintaining Mid-Century Furniture This blog examines various hidden gems folks can sell to make extra cash and this article goes into maintaining mid-century pieces that you can flip for major money.
  2. Lulu’s Vintage This blog focuses on vintage and retro pieces and often features modern furniture and Danish teak pieces from auctions around the web.
  3. eHow – How to Start Collecting Mid-Century Modern Furniture Learn how to start collecting pieces, where to source them and how to care for them by reading this article on starting up a mid-century furniture collection.
  4. Danish Mod This site doesn’t update often, but has a solid amount of posts that are chock full of info on Danish mid-century furniture. Learn the markings to spot when hunting down teak pieces.
  5. The Retro Blog Check out this blog which covers all retro items and has an extensive section on modern and mid-century furniture. It gives facts and tidbits for newbies who are new to mid-century furniture and need to learn about the basics of design for that time period.
  6. Hindsvik This blog is penned by a coupon who have an affinity for modern furniture and vintage goodies and sell items through an online boutique. They chat about unique and rare pieces and also offer tips on how to make mid-century furniture work in any space, be it bedroom or boardroom.
  7. Modernica This site covers modern and contemporary furniture. It is a prime site for looking at inspiration on how folks around the world are implementing modern furniture into more current settings like trendy boutique hotels.
  8. Herman Miller Blog Stay in-the-loop with happenings for one of the pioneer brands of mid-century furniture. Herman Miller pieces are as hot as ever and this site keeps you posted on new designs .
  9. Made Good This furniture blog shows you how to find gems online and at antique markets. The writer is a mid-century furniture dealer who knows how to style pieces of the era with more modern accessories and architecture and isn’t afraid to share tips.
  10. Great Dane Furniture This site is based in Melbourne and sells Scandinavian furniture, giving you a history of each piece so you can use it as an educational tool when learning and researching the subject.
  11. Alan Moss While this isn’t a blog, it’s a mid-century furniture store with plenty of items for sale and there’s usually information on the era and designer, which can aid you when finding that special piece.

The trend of mid-century furniture has taken off, so if you’re anxious to learn more about Danish designers and trademark pieces of the era, it’s time to sit down and check out these blogs for an extensive history lesson in interior decor.

Top 24 Designer Denim Blogs

Designer denim has skyrocketed in the past decade. Now it’s premium this and selvedge that from a wide array of denim brands worldwide. There are hand-dyed jeans created in Japan aimed at hipsters and stretch jeans made in America aimed at the middle-aged woman.

Blogs for Learning About Designer Denim

You may think designer denim is a passing fad, but there’s a lot of work that goes into creating a brand’s idea of the perfect pair of jeans. From studying the size of women across the country to making the most heavy and stiff jeans on the market, it’s more than just a pair of pants.

  1. Denim Archive : At this site it’s all about selvedge denim. See reader photos on how denim afficionados wear and care for their denim to get amazing fades.
  2. Indigo Slim : This site no longer updates, but the dreamy denim images are enough to make anyone want to pull out their favorite blues and frolic in the sunlight.
  3. Denimology : This is the ultimate online guide to mainstream denim. If you’re looking for premium denim brands like True Religion and MiH, as well as how they fit and where to buy them, you’ve come to the right place.
  4. The Selvedge Yard : This site talks a lot about denim, but focuses on amazing images from the days of yore when men wore jeans with serious style. You’ll never see men’s jeans in a shoddy light again .
  5. Ripped Back Pocket : This site focuses on men’s fashion with a lot of information on selvedge denim, how to care for it and how to wear it without trying too hard. It helps that the blogger writes from the heart (i.e. not overly formal).
  6. Denim News : This in-depth blog gives you the history of denim and how premium jeans are made. There’s almost nothing this blog doesn’t cover, so make it your first stop when looking for a lesson on jeans.
  7. Self Edge. : This is the go-to denim store for the creme de la creme of designer denim. If sleek jeans with non-existent logos and serious quality are what you’re in the market for, this is the site that can guide your purchase. Their blog is a stellar source for learning everything you need to know about selvedge denim.
  8. Hypebeast – Denim : The kids here know their stuff when it comes to anything denim. From blog posts over designer jeans to an active forum that praises or disses the fit and fades of your jeans, you’ll get an idea of what to look for when investing in a pair of pricey jeans.
  9. My Nudies : This site has a lot of information on Nudie jeans, but offers up information on other selvedge brands. The forum is an endless resource for learning about fit and fabric.

Blogs for Following Designer Denim Releases and Reviews

Keeping up with the world of designer denim can be quite the job since companies are churning out new styles and cuts faster than department stores and specialty boutiques can place orders. These designer denim blogs will help you keep up with what’s hot at a glance.

  1. Denim Geek : This amazing blog will keep you posted on the hottest men’s denim on the market. It delves into British and Japanese brands and goes into depth regarding fit, cut and fabric. A denim lover’s delight!
  2. Denim Blog : If you spot your dream jeans on Vanessa Hudgens, you can track down the brand, style name and price tag at this celeb-driven denim blog.
  3. Denim Debutante : This blogger’s obsessed with denim, but goes beyond the celebrity picks and reviews fits and washes in detail so you can make an educated buying decision, even if you’re buying online.
  4. DenimHunt : If you’re looking for denim you spotted in a celebrity tabloid, you’ll find it here. It also tracks denim news in terms of new store openings and online denim boutiques.
  5. DenimManiac : There’s plenty of male denim eye candy at this site that tracks fashion shows, features denim lookbooks for readers and has interview with heavy hitters in the industry.
  6. Designer Denim Science : This blog keeps you up to date with new lines, styles and collections from favorite designer denim brands. It also provides styling tips for different types of jeans.
  7. Denims and Jeans : This denim site gives you all of the designer jean news you can handle. We love it because it has guest posts that thoroughly explain how jeans are finished and woven on looms .
  8. Superfuture – Denim : Check out this denim forum for the latest and greatest high end jeans released around the globe, plus tips on how to track down the pair you’ve had your eye on.
  9. Denim Therapy : Denim news and celebrity picks are posted on this blog. It’s a great stop for fashion fanatics, since it regularly posts images of soon-to-be-released collections from contemporary labels.
  10. IndiDenim :This blog gives you tips on how to style your jeans, how to choose the right fit for your body type and how to .
  11. The Denim Guy : Stay in the loop when it comes to contemporary denim labels like J Brand, Habitual and Hudson. It’s a site that really speaks to the consumer, keeping real body shapes in mind.
  12. Grungy Gentleman : Even the”grungiest” guy can get stylish with the help of this site. Keep it bookmarked for a peek at denim launches before they hit the shelves .
  13. Mister Freedom : This site is part fashion blog, part online boutique and you’ll love it for constant updates on the latest batch of denim they receive. The bonus is they provide all of the stats you can imagine on each pair of jeans, making you confident in you buying decision.
  14. Denim Debate : Hardcore denim lovers can spend hours at this blog, going through the endless posts submitted by real people from around the world. The posts include what jeans they’re currently wearing, how long they’ve had them, what the jeans have been through and of course, pics!
  15. The Hidden Rivet : This blog follows Japanese and vintage denim (as well as other men’s fashion), giving you the skinny on how the jeans are constructed inside and out. We love that it provides denim measurements to give readers an idea of true fit, which can be tricky when purchasing jeans.

Designer denim prices are high, so before you buy, it’s wise to do your research. With all of the online resources for learning about designer denim, there’s no reason to go in cold turkey only to be at the mercy of a sales associate working on commission trying to push a pair of ill-fitting jeans on you.